Make your vacation an unforgettable one

By renting or having a tour on the UTVs and cars at Justin's Car and ATV Rental.

Take a ride in the newest UTVSand Cars of the island and explore the natural beauties of Aruba, enjoy all the fun that we have to offer with a tour guide or just on your own.

We offer the best tourist advices and recommendations, a great equipment - UTVs and cars -  on the island, and also we offer smiles and happiness.

Come and visit our One Happy Island, come and visit Justins, come and Drive the green experience.

Justin's Car and ATV Rental N.v rents out UTVs vehicles and cars. Our office is conveniently located in Palm Beach, we also offer free pick-up/drop-off service. You can choose a guided tour or just rent an UTVs and explore all what Aruba has to offer. All our vehicles are in perfect condition and are low on gas consumption.

Justin´s team will give you all the information needed to have great experience in ours Side by Sides visiting each of our destinations and see the entire island in just 4 or 8 hours.

If your desire is to know the island during the week, we also offer our brand new vehicles at competitive prices and explain in detail all the activities you can do.



About us

Justins team is made up of a number of professionals from different nationalities with extensive experience in tourism. In Aruba we found a paradise to develop and bring happiness to each of our visitors.

Each of our members has rendered tourism services since the beginning of their career and we are happy to show you the advantages offered by the Caribbean, providing personalized advice to each customer and generating sustainable relationships over time with them.

Our vision is to continue growing in the Dutch Caribbean, taking in consideration the delicate balance that must exist between the preservation of the environment, the development of our local communities and the satisfaction of our customers.

Remember at all times, "Do not leave more than footprints, do not take more than pictures".


Rental Services

Car rental

Unguided Rental - All Terrain - Unguided Rental

Drive in Aruba

Our island of 193 km2 can be covered in 1 hour from the northern point (Carlifornia Lighthouse) to its southern point, Seroe Colorado.

You will find the following major towns: Noord, Oranjestad, Paradera, Santa Cruz, Savaneta and San Nicolas.

Traffic rules of Aruba are similar to those of any Western country. It circulates in the right lane. You cannot make right turns in red light.

Traffic signals are the same, with the same indications and colors.

Seat belts are mandatory.

The maximum speed limit is 80 km / h on the highway and on the roads is 50 km / h.

It´s not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Roads in Aruba are known for carrying names of important local figures in politics and culture.

Not many traffic lights, so they will find vials in every corner of the island. If you drive into the roundabout you have priority.

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